About BOC

About Bank of Commerce

Bank of Commerce, a state chartered organization, is owned by Commerce Bancorp, Inc.

Commerce Bancorp, Inc. is owned and controlled by a diverse group of businessmen and women, most of whom are residents of, or have strong ties to Stephens County.

Bank of Commerce had its beginning as an office of NBanC and opened in November, 1998 in a rented office facility on Main Street, Duncan, Oklahoma. Born as an idea by organizers Joe Morris and Lynn Vaughn and a love of community banking, Bank of Commerce was issued its state charter by the Oklahoma State Banking Department on December 16, 2002.

The main offices are located on North Highway 81 at 1601 West Commerce. Housed in a state of the art banking facility designed to make the customer of the bank feel at home, Bank of Commerce welcomes its customers to log on to the internet, have a cup of coffee, or just sit and relax by the fireplace.

The day to day management of Bank of Commerce is provided by long-time community bankers that are well known to the community. Joe D. Morris, Chairman, came to Duncan in 1985 and has experience in many facets of Oklahoma banking. Lynn Vaughn, President, a resident of Duncan since 1987 has also enjoyed a long career in many areas of the banking industry. Janis Fowler, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, is a native to Duncan and is also a seasoned banker.

Bank of Commerce draws on the strength of the community for its shareholders and directors to assist in providing direction for the bank. Some forty shareholders of Commerce Bancorp, Inc. and nine directors serve both the Bank and Holding Company. Management and the directors are committed to quality service, quality of product, fulfilling or exceeding customer expectations and financial privacy.

The Bank prides itself on building relationships and prides itself with its slogan "RELATIONSHIP BANKING".

Though the charter of Bank of Commerce is new, we are committed to time proven values of honesty, integrity and privacy. We look forward to serving the needs of the communities we serve with quality financial products and service.

Let Bank of Commerce, its management, staff, directors and owners introduce you to "Relationship Banking" - you deserve it!